firetotes make any fire clean and easy! simply follow these directions:

firetote box:

1.  open each of the four perforated ignition panels located on the bottom edge of each of the four sides of the box.

2.  ignite the firegrass™ micro-kindling™ “crinkle paper” that you will see through those open panels.

3.  stoke/tend as needed.

4.  kick back.

5.  enjoy.

6.  break out the s’mores fixings.

7.  pour yourself a killer glass of wine.

8.  post pictures to our facebook page and your Instagram page with #firetote as the hashtag.

9.  put away your phone. : )

firetote bag:

1.  fill the bag with your desired amount of seasoned firewood.

2.  for fire pits, simply place in the pit (ideally on a grate for air flow) and ignite the bag toward the bottom where indicated.

3.  for fire places, lean the bag against the back wall of fireplace, and ideally on a grate and ignite where indicated.

4.  stoke/tend as needed.

5.  play a little, “earth, wind & fire”and rock out!

6.  post pictures to our facebook page and your instagram page with #firetote as the hashtag.

7.  put away your phone. ; )


please exercise caution when starting any fire. never leave any fire unattended. keep out of reach of children, pets and animals. do not sotore near any fire or open flame. always ensure your fireplace chimney is open and always ensure that you have an adequate air supply at all times. always use a fireplace screen. when using the firetote™ bag, always lean the bag against the back wall of your fireplace.


california proposition 65 – combustion of this product results in the emissions of carbon dioxide, soot and other combustion by-products which are known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. the Bay Area Air Quality Management warns that use of the solid fuel contained in this product may be restricted at times by law. use of this and other solid fuels may be restricted at times by your local laws. before burning, please check 877-4NO-BURN.