how did firetote™ – the world’s first all-in-one real wood campfire or fireplace solution come to be?

our founder/inventor, jon liebling (a self-avowed neatnik, noodler and all around creative guy) found himself frustrated with the mess – and, challenge – of starting a fireplace or fire pit fire.

one day, while living on cape cod, jon had an idea: by incorporating a fire starter and kindling into the bottom of a kraft paper tote bag, he could convey his firewood to his fire pit and fireplace in a way that would be clean…and, easy. he began experimenting with specially designed bags and ultimately developed a unique, oversized and specially reinforced bag for just that purpose. that patent-pending item was the original firetote™.

jon also wanted to create a pre-filled version of the firetote bag. that is when the firetote box – pre-filled with firegrass™ micro-kindling™ and fatwood fire starter sticks – was born. conceived, designed and manufactured in the pacific northwest, the patent-pending firetote™ is destined to change the way people throughout the country – and, ultimately the world! – do fire.

jon has an extensive background in product development, branding, marketing, manufacturing and start-ups. he is also the president of – a promotional products company sourcing and delivering unique promotional products to clients everywhere.

jon has three terrific kids, lives on beautiful bainbridge island, washington, and is an avid cyclist, photographer and rv enthusiast.

he also loves a great fire!