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clean, convenient, eco-friendly, and patented…the firetote makes enjoying a fireplace or fire pit fire effortless.
available in two versions: fill-your-own bags, as well as a box version pre-filled with fireGrass™ micro-kindling, fatwood all-natural firestarter and seasoned, dry firewood ready to burn.

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fire. reinvented.


  • food friendly
  • carbon neutral/eco-friendly
  • packed with 100% all natural fatwood firestarters, firegrass™ micro-kindling and seasoned firewood
  • the world’s only one-match firepit/fireplace fire solution!

the biggest thing to happen to fire…since fire.

the firetote box

light the box! all that +seasoned firewood

The Firetote box version contains our FireGrass™ Micro-Kindling, Fatwood all-natural firestarter AND a heaping helping of seasoned, dry firewood. Simply pop open one of the four perforated panels located on each side of the box, light, kick back…and enjoy.

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the firetote box

light the box! all that +seasoned firewood


the firetote bag

If you got it, Fill it. it’s lit!

the firetote bag

IF YOU GOT IT, FILL IT.  it’s lit!

Our patented, uniquely engineered reinforced kraft bag version contains FireGrass™ Micro-Kindling and Fatwood all-natural firestarter. Simply fill the bag with your own firewood, place in your fire pit or lean against the back wall of your fireplace or wood stove and light the bag.

Ideal for:

• Home Use

• Camping

• Backpacking

Simple, clean…convenient.

the firetote



the firepax

all natural all powerful firestarter